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    Along the trail at Ash Cave
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Hocking Hills Wedding - Ash Cave

Hocking Hills WEddings - Ash Cave


Outdoor weddings are the dream of many a bride and groom. Ash Cave has long been in demand as a beautiful outdoor area for marriage ceremonies. The large open area, overhanging shelter-like ledge and asphalt walkway makes it both a beautiful setting and easily accessible to the wedding party and guests.  There are 40 cabins that can be rented at Hocking Hills State Park, and many private cabin rental sites for wedding guests who are from out of town. There are plenty of tourist attractions nearby for everyone after the wedding. Cities close to the Hocking Hills include Columbus, Chillicothe, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo and Huntington. For many Ohioans, the Hocking Hills has become a wonderful place to celebrate a couple's love through weddings and anniversaries.

Ash Cave is located at Hocking Hills State Park - 27291 Ohio 56, South Bloomingville, OH 43152 

GPS Tracking: 39.395993,-82.545927

Things to note: You will have to hire your own minister or clergy. The waterfall can be seasonal! If there is a drought in the area, streams running through the caves may be dry and no waterfalls exist.

Who to contact about the wedding facilities: Park Office: (740) 385-6842, Ext: 202.  

Write a letter to the park addressed to the park manager and stating:  time of wedding,  date of wedding and place. It is imperative that you have backup dates in case there is another wedding already set or there are special events.  Also give a daytime phone number and address. You will be sent a permit if the site is available.

The address is:

Hocking Hills State Park, 19852 State Route 664 S Logan, Ohio 43138

Time is limited to 1/2 hour including set up and tear down of wedding decorations. You cannot alter or leave anything behind (this includes rose petals, rice, bird seed). Floral arrangements have to be taken out after the wedding ceremony and no decorations can be placed on the trees, rocks or natural features. No one can stop the flow of hiking traffic going through the park and wedding traffic must stay on the trail.

Ash Cave Area: The trail is a quarter mile to the falls. It is asphalt and is both handicap and wheelchair accessible to the cave. There is ample parking, but it is about a half mile walk to the cave. There are pit-type restrooms at the trail head.


Ash Cave Walkway

Ash Cave

Ash Cave

Ash Cave walkway